While gap year/study opportunities are endless, it’s important to have clear goals, structured plans, and a timeline. It’s a lot to think about and research but if you start early you are sure to succeed in achieving your goal! It all begins with our intake meeting, after which I research your options and opportunities.  My services include the following aspects:

  • advice about which program/ schools fit well with your profile, wishes, and budget
  • creation of a step-by-step action plan
  • information about the necessary requirements/documentation/ admissions tests
  • necessary translation support into English
  • coaching in writing an international CV and motivation letter and research assignments
  • help with the application and financial aid forms
  • maintaining contact with the admissions offices/ and other local contacts
  • information about visa process, accommodation, insurance and other practical aspects


Your assistance program is split up into 3 phases:


Your benefit: After this intake phase you will have a clearer picture of what you want

What is done: Together, your wishes, ideas and requirements are explored 

How does it work: Interviews & structured questionnaire

Outcome: Requirements document