Our services are available to purchase in a number of packages.

The initial intake meeting can be purchased separately:

A 60-minute personal meeting,  – 75 euro (excl. BTW).


A Skype conversation, – 50 euro (excl. BTW) for 60 minutes.

Alternatively, you can choose a more extensive package:

 Option 1: Total Package for €550* (excl. BTW) for max 15 hours

This package will provide you with a complete guidance plan. It comprises of the following elements:

- Understanding and exploring your wishes via questionnaire and interviews

- Investigating potential gap year opportunitie

- In-depth planning including securing local contacts, filling in necessary documents and other administrative requirements 

* Total package cost includes intake fee

Option 2: Support and advice (based on an hourly rate of €50 excl. BTW)

This package is based on requirements such as:

- Individual elements of the above “Total Package”

- Research into academic requirements (including English language skills)

- Assistance with visa and other application processes

- Help writing an international CV and motivation letter (sports specialised)

- Translation of documents from Dutch to English (school reports, diplomas, motivation letters etc.)