We all know household brands like Samsung, Kia, Hyundai, LG, Gangnam Style and what Guus Hiddink achieved in South Korea in the World Cup. But did you know that just 50 years ago it was one of the poorest countries in the world? It's unimaginable that it is now the world’s 13th largest economy and the third largest economy within Asia.

South Korea is one of the most dynamic countries in Asia. It is a country that ‘never sleeps’ and Seoul is the New York of Asia.  With a total population of 25 million, the capital city of Seoul is currently ranked in the world’s top 10 student cities. The Korean universities are some of the best in the world with top academic programs open to international students. If you are seeking to really experience a country with a mix of modern and yet rich, ancient customs and history, then South Korea is the destination for you!

Why South Korea is an up-and-coming hot destination for gap year and international students:


  • Quality and competitive Education in English: The academic environment in Korea is highly competitive. Koreans take education - particularly higher education - very seriously.
  • Currently there are more than 370 official South Korean higher education providers, including 179 private universities and 43 national universities. Six out of the top-20 entries in the QS University Rankings: Asia 2015, and 26 ranked institutions overall in the QS World University Rankings 2015/16®.
  • Advanced Country with Applied Science and Information and Communication Technology: Korea’s information and communication technology is considered as one of the best in the world.
  • Low Tuition & Living Cost: Compared to English speaking countries such as the U.S, Canada, and Britain, Korea has relatively lower cost of study. Korea does not impose additional fees for foreign students, and there are many scholarship programs for foreign students
  • Close to China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia, making it easier for you to discover the rest of Asia.
  • Language Study: The Korean language (known as Hangul) is a very common Asian language that foreigners study. It’s considered as the easiest Asian language to learn.